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Five Common Signs of a UTI in Seniors

Do you know the most common signs of a urinary tract infection in seniors? Some of them may surprise you. Find Home Care in Bellaire, TX.
Home Care in Bellaire
Home Care in Bellaire

Do you know the signs of a possible urinary tract infection in your senior? Some signs are likely to be way different than you expect. Home care can help you and your senior stay aware of the signs that might not be as obvious or easy to spot. Then, you can get help for your senior as soon as possible.

Pain While Urinating

One of the most common symptoms of a UTI in almost all people is pain while urinating. This isn’t always a symptom for aging adults, however. Another symptom that many people look for in a UTI is foul-smelling urine. But that’s not always present for seniors either. Nevertheless, watching for these signs is still a good idea.

Abdominal Pain

Something your senior is slightly more likely to experience with a UTI is pain in her back or abdomen. If your elderly family member has had a UTI for a while. It may have moved to her kidneys. Then, your senior may experience swelling and pain around her kidneys and bladder. Abdominal pain can also be a sign of other health issues. So, it’s important to get this symptom checked out quickly.

Behavioral Changes

For seniors, behavioral changes are definitely related to urinary tract infections. Your senior may be a lot more irritable than usual, or she may react to situations in strange ways. Sometimes these behavioral changes are mistaken for signs of dementia or other cognitive illnesses, like a stroke. It’s always important to rule out those issues, so do not ignore behavioral changes. Having home care with your senior can help you spot behavior changes earlier than you might have otherwise.

Mobility Trouble

Aging adults with a UTI can experience balance issues or mobility trouble related to the infection. Your elderly family member may not associate these difficulties with a bladder infection, however. If you’re noticing any sort of changes to how your elderly family member normally moves, ruling out a UTI can be an important part of figuring out what is happening with her health.


Any type of infection will take a lot out of your senior, even if she doesn’t realize she is dealing with an infection. If you notice your senior is a lot more tired than usual or is sleeping a lot, it’s time to talk to her doctor about what is happening. There might be other issues along with a UTI, so getting a thorough answer is important.

If your aging family member is experiencing a lot more urinary tract infections than usual, she may benefit from home care providers. They can help her address the issues that might contribute to her recurring urinary tract infections, like not drinking enough water or having trouble keeping up with personal care tasks.

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