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Five In-Home Care Summer Sun Safety Month

In-Home Care Missouri City
In-Home Care Missouri City

August is Summer Sun Safety Month. It’s an excellent time to talk about the two most significant risks of spending time outside in the summer: sunburns and heatstroke. An in-home care professional can help you have fun in the sun. Here are five facts to remember regarding the hottest summer days and your dad’s passion for spending time outside.

Ten Minutes a Day in the Sun Boosts Vitamin D

Just ten minutes a day standing in the sun with skin exposed can boost your dad’s vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is one way to keep his bones strong. More than that can lead to sunburns, increasing skin cancer risk.

One in Five People Will Develop Skin Cancer

It’s estimated that one in five people will develop skin cancer. The more sunburns your dad has had, the higher the odds.

When caught early, skin cancer is treatable. Your dad should talk to his doctor about seeing a dermatologist yearly to inspect his moles for changes. A dermatologist can ensure they’re not cancerous or precancerous growths.

Melanoma Rates Doubled Between 1982 and 2011

Another reason for your dad getting screened for skin cancer each year. Between 1982 and 2011, the rates of melanoma doubled. Melanoma can be beatable cancer if it’s diagnosed in the early stages and surgically removed. Sunscreen use reduces your dad’s risk.

Muscle Cramps Can Be an Early Warning Sign in the Heat

If your dad is outside gardening and finds his muscles cramping up, he needs to stop and go inside. Muscle cramps are an indicator of heat stress. Muscle cramping happens before heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

He must stop, go inside, get a glass of water or a drink with electrolytes, and sit down for a while. If his home isn’t air-conditioned, he should take a cool shower and sit in front of a fan. Wearing a damp t-shirt will help his body stay cooler for longer, too.

Older Adults Are More Susceptible to Heat Stroke

Older adults are more likely to experience heat stroke. They don’t sweat as much as a younger person, and they also may not feel the same urge to drink, which increases the risk of dehydration.

Suppose your dad takes certain medications like blood pressure which increases his risk of heat stroke. These pills impact his hydration levels, so he must avoid being outside during the day’s hottest hours.

Don’t let your dad risk overheating in the hot sun. If he’s unlikely to remember to drink enough water or seek time in the shade, arrange in-home care to have a caregiver help him keep track. Talk to an in-home care specialist about companion care services and the benefits of having caregivers with your dad during summer’s heat waves.

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